Monday, March 22, 2010

People to People

Okay, so as I said in my last post, I started this blog to raise some money. Me and my parents can't do it by ourselves, so my mom suggested I try doing this.

"Why do you need money?" is probably what a lot of you are wondering so here's why. Last year, I was accepted as a student ambassador on the People to People European Odyssey. That means that I get to represent the United States in France, Italy, and Greece for three weeks this summer. Obviously a trip like this can't be free. We have most of the cost taken care of, but we still need $2394 by May 1.

For those of you that don't know, the People to People movement was established in 1956 by President Dwight Eisenhower. He believed that direct interaction between ordinary citizens around the world would promote world peace and cultural understanding. The ambassador program has served as a global education provider and has provided opportunities for bridging cultural and political borders for over 40 years. For more information on People to People, click here.

Anyway, I was one of the lucky 40 or so students accepted for this year's trip and I am in need of money. So if anybody would like to donate to my cause, I will put up a list of what you can get depending on how much you donate. At the end of each week or two I'll post how closer we are to the goal of $2394.

That's all for now. Come back tomorrow; I'll probably have something more interesting to ramble on about.

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