Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Kooky Family

Wow, two weeks since my last post and still no comments. Something tells me I'll have to find a new method of raising money very soon.

Anyway, I figured it's time to introduce whomever is reading this to some of my family. First off, here's my mom. For anybody interested in Pokemon, here's my brother. And now, introducing three of the more...unusual members of my family.

This here is Drucilla, age 4, almost 5. She's a finicky little Manecoon we adopted a few years back from Petsmart. She's a bit standoff-ish, but when she's affectionate, she's really affectionate.

This is Xander, age 17 months. He's a little nutcase. My dad found him by chance one day during his lunch break by the local Burger King. He wasn't sure if the little guy was lost or something, so he didn't go after him until coming back later and even then Xander didn't make it easy for him. He went running through the woods and hid in a tree stump. It took some coaxing with chicken nuggets(which BK kindly donated) to get him out. We took him to Petsmart to get him checked out and found that he was only about 2 or so weeks old at the time. My dad took a liking to him and let us keep him. Ever since, he has been driving us bonkers and he has gotten into some...odd habits, to say the least(like laying down in bathroom sinks).

Last but not least, Aslan, age 15. This big guy is almost as old as me(fyi, I'm 16 this Wednesday), but he hasn't always been with us. We got him from an old friend when he was a year old, but because we were always on the move(not so much anymore, thankfully) we had to give him up to my grandmother. And while you can't tell from this angle, he is a very big boy. He is extremely furry and laid back with the habit of grooming hair, especially if it's really long.

These guys can drive me up a wall, but like most family I wouldn't give them up for anything.